About the Artist

Pam O'Brien Photo Tapestry ArtistMemories, One Stitch at a Time was born from my fascination with taking an image and translating it into a unique medium: a photo tapestry. I describe them as such because I concentrate thousands of tiny cross stitches into a small area so the appearance is that of a tapestry.

A Labor of Love
It has been a journey of several years with lots of experimentation to perfect my technique. It was a labor of love with lots of gifts given to family and friends!

As my technique allowed me to achieve increased dimensions and alignment of stitches, I needed to focus on building definition and detail into the finished tapestry. I credit this success to my background in photography. I have had a professional studio where I trained and photographed models and provided photos for their portfolios. In those years, I utilized my darkroom to produce prints. Today, I use a computer and I attribute my ability to compose and edit a photo to those experiences.

The photo editing is done using many methods as well as Photoshop. This is the key. My clients present photo images that might not be of the best quality—and I hand them back an heirloom. Every photograph needs at least some editing in order for it to be successfully interpreted into a photo tapestry. As I work with an image, I am constantly building definition and clarity. In fact, it wasn’t until I was confident I could work with all images, that I would offer photo tapestries professionally.

I pride myself in knowing how to listen to my clients to achieve what they are envisioning. I am mesmerized as I watch the photo tapestry emerge, one stitch at a time!

I have been honored with local and national press. Here are links to articles that have featured my work:

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Memories, One Stitch at a Time, feel free to call me at 716.745.7291 or email info@memoriesonestitchatatime.com.

I look forward to discussing my work with you.

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