Custom Photo Designs

Yes, your photograph can be transformed into a one-of-a-kind embroidered photo tapestry!

This is a collaborative process and together we will determine the options that are appropriate for your photo tapestry. The nature of developing a photo tapestry makes this a creation that cannot be simply bought through a “Shopping Cart” purchase. Because this is a close, collaborative process, we will communicate through phone, e-mail or mail.

I pride myself on developing a tapestry that mirrors your wishes.

Options for Your Photo Tapestry
Tapestry creations can be varied and customized for your suitability:

  • Color matched version.
  • Old sepia toned photograph interpretations: color matched, monochromatic, or vibrantly hued color value.
  • Color photograph transformed into a sepia toned or B&W rendering.
  • Contemporary posterization interpretation.

Original Photo

Embroidered Photo Tapestry

Finished Tapestry

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Be sure to visit my gallery page, which presents all of the above variations. If you have any questions about these options, please do not hesitate to call me at 716.745.7291 or email

Size & Price

  • Tapestries rarely conform to standard photographic print sizes. The customized editing and composition process dictates the final proportions.
  • Tapestry sizes range from approximately 5“ x 7“ to approximately 10“ x 14“.
  • There is also a choice of rectangular or oval compositions.
  • Prices range from $150 to $800. (Professional framing is included.)

The Process

  1. Our collaboration begins with any photo editing that is necessary and a composition is established. Your review and approval is obtained at this point.
  2. Next, this image is built into a graphed pattern, and rayon threads are then chosen from a collection of 800+ colors. Most photo tapestries have dozens of colors. Once again, your approval is obtained at this point.
  3. Now the embroidery phase begins. The colored threads are applied to a cotton fabric base utilizing tiny cross stitches.
  4. Once the tapestry is completed, we will determine the style of framing. All framing is done professionally, utilizing acid-free materials and covering the tapestry with glass. This ensures preservation of the tapestry. Tapestries must be kept out of direct sunlight and away from moisture, as is true for any fine artwork.

An heirloom is created!
It is truly amazing to watch the tapestry emerge, one stitch at a time! This heirloom was created with your vision and consultation.

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